Cooling PillowCooling pillows provide you with a calm and comfortable sleep. If you sleep at high temperatures or sweat during sleep, then many experts would recommend that you use this modern pillow to get healthy and strong sleep. Bad and uncomfortable sleep or insufficient quantity of it becomes the cause of rapid fatigue, irritability, and stress. In some cases, people got depressed, could not work and had deteriorating health of the whole organism. This product is made from a special heat-resistant silica gel that absorbs the heat of your body. These things will help you to get a night of healthy sleep. Their material can be not only a gel but also natural foam with a memory effect. These pillows take away the warmth of your body but do not change their shape.

Do you know the situation that you woke up in the morning and your pillow is wet, do you feel hot and stuffy? This can happen for any reason: high body temperature (with illness), hot weather, bad pillow filler, the material here does not allow it to breathe and the air does not go under the cover. But there is a solution: products from the natural materials, which are able to pass air, for example, silk, fluff or bamboo. Gel and foam are unique materials that adjust to the lines of your head and neck so that it would in the right position during sleep.

Cooling pillow - TOP 5 benefits

Comfortable rest is achieved by the ability of this pillow to make its temperature a little lower than the room has. Such sleep will be wonderful, and your body will have the right position, even if you sleep on the back, stomach or on the one side. This is one option of it – these products have good air permeability, but they do not stay cool all night. These fillers have a feature: between their particles, there is a small space, so the air can circulate there. Cooling pillows work on the same principle but have a different filler material. These materials do not have a gap between them; this is a porous structure or special ventilating holes to achieve the same “breathing” effect.

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Cooling Pillow Or Usual One?

We underestimate the many things that were created for our comfort and health. We look at things for their practicality, convenience and reasonable price but do we need to save on our health? Cooling pillows are not just a pillow for sleeping; it will allow you to fall asleep quickly, not to wake up from sweat in the middle of the night and not get a headache or muscle aches in the morning. Is it not wonderful? You live in a hot climate, do not want to use air conditioning because you are afraid of catching a cold and what are you going to do? You can not sleep because sweat stands out on the pillow and disturbs you. She is moist all the time, and this can be a good environment for the appearance of various harmful bacteria.

Nice Cooling PillowIn life, there are different situations and health problems, when we can have excessive sweating. This prevents us from sleeping; we sweat and cannot find a good sleeping position. We are irritated by everything: a wet pillow, pain in the body or temperature drop. Here you will gain by a cooling pillow because the usual product will not give you this pleasant feeling of coolness. A conventional pillow may be too hard or too soft, and the cooling one keeps its shape for a long time. You can forget about the pain in the joints because your body will have the correct position of all organs, neck, and spine. Many people like to sleep a couple of hours in the afternoon, but at this time it is difficult for us and our body to find a good pose in order to get a full rest in a short time. Here, the cooling pad will also help us!

TOP Cooling Gel Pillows – Price Comparison

Functions of Cool Gel Pillows

The modern market of pillows offers unique gel models for the correct position of the body on the bed. This repeats the contours of your body and gives you a healthy and deep sleep, which is very important for the normal operation of all systems of our body. Every day we have stress, fatigue, irritation, and nervousness – the pillow will be one of the main things for a good and useful sleep so that our body can rebuild its strength. You might think that there is the only function of such pillow models, but it is not. This cool gel pillow does many important things to help us to be rested, full of energy and has a good mood all day.

Cool Gen PillowThese pillows have a special gel surface, which normalizes the contours of the human’s body. This allows normalizing the work of all organs and improving the functioning of all body systems. You can use this pillow whole year, in the summer it will give a light coolness and freshness, and in winter it will give warmth and comfort. The gel, which is located on the surface of the pillow, performs the function of controlling the temperatures. This temperature can be influenced by many factors – high body temperature or hot atmosphere in the room, cold weather and coolness in the room. The gel is a universal material that is able to take any shape by means of a correct pressure distribution.

This material is used in many spheres of industry and things for home and life. Its feature is the absence of deformation; it returns to its original shape by any pressure. That’s why many brands use it to make the most comfortable and practical pillows for a healthy sleep. Such pillows have a higher price, but the gel base is the best choice for your health and well-being. Many people who have an unhealthy dream and feel tired all day long prefer such gel pillows.

A Quality Pillow With a Helium Surface Performs Several Important Functions:

  • Improves the blood supply to the brain because the head and neck have the right position during sleep.
  • The necessary level of oxygen goes to the brain, so it helps to reduce headaches.
  • The body pressure is correctly distributed over the entire surface.
  • Gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort, it is very important for a healthy and strong sleep.
  • You get a full rest of the whole organism because the spine and neck have a straight position during sleep.

The gel pillow helps quickly to relax all the muscles of your body. Sleep comes faster, and through the night a person does not wake up to get the comfortable place and find a more comfortable pose for a full and restful sleep. As a result, a person gets a healthy and deep sleep, which guarantees the maximum amount of energy for the whole day. Now it is not difficult – to feel every morning full of energy, this gel pillow will help you to have a perfect sleep that will guarantee your health, good mood and a good active day.

The Structure Of a Cooling Pillow With a Gel Base

There is special filler in such super pillow – elastoplastic foam. It provides maximum comfort and proper position of the head and neck. The surface of the pillow has a gel material that keeps cool for a long time, absorbing the warmth of your body. These two materials create this unique model of the best cooling pillow, which repeats the contours of your body and allows you to get a healthy sleep. All body systems will work well because your body will have anatomically correct position during sleep.

Cooling Pillow Features

Cooling pillows with a gel base will help you to wake up in the morning without a headache or fatigue. The texture of the gel on the surface of such pillows has a three-dimensional structure, which provides a person with a feeling of weightlessness, lightness and pleasant coolness. The special structure of the surface of the pillow resembles bee’s honeycombs; this arrangement of gel elements helps correctly to distribute the weight of the head and neck throughout the surface. Such pillows will be a good choice for people of any age, especially children and the elderly.

Advantages of Cooling Pillows

You do not need to look at the price of such pillows and think that it is very high. It’s not just a pillow; it’s an orthopedic product that has many useful benefits:

  • Sufficiently long service life.
  • Reliability, practicality, and comfort.
  • A positive effect on the organism and all systems of the human.
  • Thin surface materials of this pillow contribute to easy contact with the human body.
  • The cool pillow will make your sleep healthy and comfortable. Such a pillow is the best choice because it fully adapts to the weight categories and the shape of the human body and allows it to have the right position during sleep.
  • Such products are very simple in the care, you can easily wash any element with hands or in a washing machine, and after this, the pillow will not change its shape, properties or structure.
  • Qualitative pure materials, it is absolutely safe for people with different types of allergies.
  • The product is universal; you can use this pillow to sleep or put it under your back during a day’s rest.
  • Gel cool pillows can be used even for small children due to high levels of ecological purity and versatility.
  • Due to the porous gel structure, the air easily passes inside and enhances the most useful properties of this unique product.

Kinds And Use Of Cooling Pillows

There are three main kinds of cooling pillows, each has its own properties, but the functions here are approximately the same. Such pillows are created for those who want to get a healthy and deep sleep. Here are used different cooling technologies to achieve a cool effect and have the ability to take away the heat of the human body. The modern market of pillows creates new models and new structures, but here it is possible to allocate three basic types of cooling pillows:

  • Breathable cooling pillows. The material that is used here has a good level of air circulation because the structure is porous or could be with small holes. Thus, warm air does not stay inside the pillow, and it would be cool all the time. This pleasant coolness from always cold pillow is dissociated by airing the warm air in small particles of the structure of this special material.
  • Pillow with phase-change material. These are special pillows with the newest technologies and developments. Here there is a unique filler, which is liquid in its initial state. The interesting thing about this filler is that it becomes liquid. Thus, the filler absorbs the heat and becomes pleasant and cool. This technology combined science and new technologies, so these pillows are the most expensive.
  • Pillows with gel or liquid. Gel pillows have a special gel that takes the heat, and the pillow would be cool and pleasant for your head. There are other models with a special cooling liquid. It absorbs heat and neutralizes it. The cooling liquid pillows have one nuance – not all people like to sleep on a stirring pillow that moves all the time. Many people like this, like water mattresses, but most prefer a gel.

Cooling Pillowslip

There is a situation when you cannot make a decision and buy such a pillow; maybe you think that the price is high and you still cannot afford it. Do not get upset, start with a small step – take a cooling pillowslip and put it on your favorite pillow. This will create a cooling effect but does not provide good body support. You will try it and understand how it will be profitable for you to buy an orthopedic pillow with a cooling effect.

Memory Foam Cool Gel PillowThe Advantages of The Cooling Pillowslip:

  • It will help get rid of headaches. It is important that during sleep the head does not overheat for people suffering from headaches, internal pressure or hypertensive persons. This pillow slip will absorb the excessive heat of the face and head and give you a pleasant coolness so that you will not feel a headache and fatigue in the morning.
  • Special material favorably affects the skin. The effect of coolness prevents excessive production of sebum, thereby improving the skin condition. Such pillowslip will prevent the appearance of irritation, rash or acne on the face skin due to intense sweating at night.
  • It helps to remove swelling from the face and the area around the eyes. The special material of this pillowslip performs the function of a cooling mask for the eyes, so it will allow your skin to look healthy and rested, without ugly swelling around the eyes.

How to Choose a Perfect Cooling Pillow?

You will think that choosing a pillow is very simple, you only need to try its softness and that’s enough. But it can work with simple pillows, but with cooling one it is necessary to take into account several important factors. If you want to make the right choice and not make mistakes, then consider these points when choosing for yourself cooling pillow.

  • Your habits and preferences (during rest and sleep). Not all of us pay attention to our habits when we want to buy a pillow. But it’s not right. This is important to do! Your sleep habits are the favorite pose and the head pressure, the desire to sleep in a large or medium bed size, the habit of sleeping on your stomach or on your back. It is important for the right choice of pillow. If you want a cooling model, then consider your habits, and you can choose a comfortable and good product. A correctly selected pillow will allow you to get a healthy sleep, do not damage the neck and do not strain the spine.
  • The Material. Pillows with a cooling effect differ from conventional types, for example, in filler, form, and cover. If you choose a quality material, then you get a reliable and durable product. Most often, many people prefer to buy a pillow, especially with foam because it provides proper support to the head and all body. Such types are a perfectly good choice for people with headaches or pain in the neck and shoulders. Pillow with foam has a good form and will not change it under the pressure of the head. It will engage your body to have the right anatomical position during sleep so that in the morning you will not be upset by fatigue or a headache. Foam for the filling of cooling pillows can be cheap and unqualified; it can deform, part of the filler can go outside, and it can not be washed in a washing machine. Another choice is the gel; this is a good material that takes away the head heat and keeps cool. The material is very important, so pay attention to the filler and the cover of the pillow.
  • Lifetime and warranty. A quality cooling pillow has a service life of more than 3 years. Guarantee of this product is an indicator of its quality. If you take a warranty, you can contact the service center of the company and ask to solve the problem that has arisen in your using the cooling pillow. And another reason is the guarantee for you that you will not need to buy another pillow if this one deforms or stops to give the cooling effect. The warranty gives you the opportunity to change the product in case it does not work, but this is not a possible case. If the company gives a guarantee, then it is sure of the quality of the products that it has provided and sold to you.
  • Terms of Use. You choose a cooling pillow so you can simply use it, wash it, clean it and follow the bits of advice for its main use. There are pillows for washing by hand; there are models for a washing machine. If there is gel filler in the pillow, then it does not need to be shaken in a washing machine, it will be enough to wipe it with a wet wipe or a special brush to remove the bacteria. Choose a pillow that you can simply wash or clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and harmful fungi inside the material.

TOP-Rated Brands

Here it is necessary to note several brands that create unique models of cooling pillows with gel filling, using only the materials of the highest quality:

Columbia Cooling Pillow


This company is the most popular among manufacturers of cooling pillows. It is needed to highlight these cooling types of pillows, as this company uses its special new technology. Such pillows are still undergoing some testing, but their results are surprising with their incredible technology. In normal condition, this model has a normal temperature. The “Omni-freeze” is the ability of the pillow to become cool when you touch it. When you touch it with your hand or face, it becomes cooler. Developers of Columbia say that this will be a real breakthrough in the world of sleeping accessories. Now the brand already offers the buyer different models with a cooling effect of impeccable quality, but the pillows with the new technology are just beginning to go on sale.


Serta Cooling PillowSerta

Special cooling cushions from this company – this is the real solution to all problems associated with sleep. Many people prefer this brand because they trust the quality and good materials of these products. Each Serta stays cool pillow has a pleasant coating and a wonderful material inside the pillow that helps to ensure proper head support. The exciter is made in the USA from quality raw materials, so it does not cause irritation or allergies. Inside the pillow there is foam or gel, each Serta cooling pillow has an excellent fashionable design and a cooling effect.


Tempurpedic Cooling PillowTempurpedic

Tempur-Pedic is one of the largest manufacturers of pillows for sleep and the correct position of the body. These products are very popular because the quality of the materials used here is at the highest level. This trademark was originally found for NASA to create special material for the aircraft seats and ensure maximum safety during the accident. Then the company improved its technology and development and began to create products for sleep with the best support of the human body. The coating and filler material has 100% quality and no allergy. These materials do not wear out and do not lose shape for many years.


Memory Foam Effect

This type of cooling pillow is slightly different from the usual models. This product will give you a pleasant and comfortable sleep, but it has a curative effect. A pillow with an orthopedic memory effect can help to prevent osteochondrosis. Doctors advise it actively to resolve all issues with the spine in order to reduce pain and strain. The uniqueness of the product lies in the fact that this unique and useful product can help to maximally weaken the muscles of the back because the used material retains the shape of the head for a long time.

“Smart” pillows are developed by very experienced professionals, so they are absolutely safe. They simply adjust to the anatomical features of the owner and repeat the shape of his body and neck. In this case, sweating would be minimal because the covering of this product is made of special cooling material. It will allow you to sleep in any position and not feel any discomfort. Most often, these models are bought by people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or on one side. Bigger edges provide a perfect position for the head and all body, giving you excellent soft support for the head.

Features of Such a Perfect Memory Foam Pillow:

  • It is made of quality material and has a coating of natural fabrics, without allergies.
  • The size is large or medium, so you can use this pillow on beds of different sizes.
  • The use of microbead material, which is durable and absorbs heat all the time.
  • The filler is made of special foam that repeats your forms, and then it takes its true shape. You can use this product for many years; it does not deform and does not become flat.

Advantages of The Memory Foam Pillow

When you choose the perfect pillow for sleep, you need to take into account your personal preferences, for example, a comfortable pose for sleeping. If you prefer to sleep on one side, then the pillow should have a higher shape so that the line of the spine would be straight. These kinds of pillows have such functions; they include air circulation by using high-quality and natural materials, temperature control for a cooling effect and easy care and durability while using this pillow. To support the neck, such pillows have higher lateral sides.

Cooling Gel Pillow Advantages
Cooling Pillow – How It Works

Times of massive pillows with feathers go back in time; now people want to choose more comfortable and compact products that will help them to get deep and healthy sleep. The modern market for sleeping products is rapidly developing and creates unique orthopedic pillows to support our body. A pleasant coolness during sleep is almost half a full night’s rest. Our body deserves a good and full rest so that we do not have headaches, fatigue, and irritability during the day. This is necessary because people who sleep on one side need the orthopedic pillow to support the straight line of the head and spine all night. This memory foam pillow has a thickness of almost 5.5 inches, so the neck lies on the side edge, and the head is in the middle of the pillow. In this way, the head and neck have a straight line during your sleep on one side. All sides of the pillow are sewn with two special corded gussets, which are evenly spaced apart so that this pillow has an ideal comfortable position.

Experts have proved that people sleep better and have a comfortable, healthy sleep if they feel cool. It can be a cooling temperature in the room or a cooling bed or pillow. The human body feels comfortable, and the person gets full rest. This is the case when you need a perfect pillow that would absorb the heat of the body or room when it is very hot outside or inside. PCM beads help to regulate the pillow material’s temperature; it takes heat from the body, and the pillow cover remains cool.

Disadvantages of this memory foam pillow: You’d think that such a pillow is ideal, yes it is! The only drawback is the human habits. People used to sleep on a usual pillow of fluff or synthesis, so this kind is new and unwonted. There are several other disadvantages that need to be known.

For Night Sweats

There are many reasons for sweating at night – it can be menopause, a cold with fever, a hot climate and other factors. A person does not sleep well, he can not find a good position and sweat prevents him from getting a healthy and sound sleep. This leads to nervousness, fatigue and poor health during the all next day. Cooling pillows are designed for such cases; it will not let you sweat because it absorbs the heat of your body.

These pillows stay cool all night, and you get an excellent healthy sleep. Many people think that a fan or air conditioner in the room will help you to solve this problem, but this is a controversial opinion. Cooling devices lower the temperature by the covering, and the human body continues to produce heat. Especially at night when any disease becomes stronger, and you sweat more. Many people use special cooling bed linens or clothes but what should you do with your face and head? The answer is a cooling pillow with special filler with a porous structure that absorbs the body heat. Its filler can be different, but its function is to allow you to feel pleasant freshness and coolness all night.

Memory Foam Cooling PillowChoosing the right cooling pad will affect the quality of your sleep so you should do it right. Cheap pillows have poor surface quality and filler so they lose shape, cooling effect and will quickly become flat and useless. There is a memory foam pillow – it will allow you to keep the head and neck in the right position while sleeping on one side or on the back. Your body will be able to relax, and your sleep will be pleasant and useful, without pain and discomfort. Those who like to sleep on the stomach should choose special models of cooling pillows. Such a pose is convenient for you but the position of the body can be wrong, and in the morning you feel pain. To escape this, you need a cooling pillow for deep, healthy sleep on your stomach.

Where to Find Quality?

  • Bed Bath and Beyond. One of the best options for comfortable sleeping is cooling pillow Bed Bath and Beyond. This is an international online store, where there are goods for sleep with the best quality and many useful functions. Here are collected various well-known brands that create orthopedic pillows with a cooling effect. Each product is carefully checked, therefore in the catalog, there are models only from the best materials with necessary certificates of quality.
  • PharMeDoc. This manufacturer makes quality pillows with cooling foam. This material is breathable and comfortable, despite its strength and hardness. Such pillows reduce pressure on the spine, ensure proper support of the neck and give you a comfortable and healthy sleep. Each product has a cover made of the hypoallergenic material; you can take it off and wash in the washing machine. Many people with a headache prefer this brand because they trust the quality and orthopedic properties of these cooling pillows. Some experts offer these pillows as the best choice for back and side sleepers.
  • SleepBetter. This company creates unique models of cooling pillows with a modern design and quality materials of filler and cover. The edges of these products have a slightly overpriced shape so that this pillow is the best solution for those who like to sleep on one side. The body heat is absorbed by a special cooling material, and the neck will have a flat position during sleep on the side. The brand delivers its products around the world so it would be convenient for those who want to save their time.
  • ViscoSoft. This brand is very famous for the sale of goods for sleep. Cooling pillows are not the only direction of this company. There are different models of orthopedic pillows with a cooling gel or foam. Covering of each model has a unique design and a stunning fashion pattern so you can choose not only a comfortable product but also a wonderful adding for your interior. Each product is made of quality materials, so it ensures the correct position of the body, and you can sleep in any convenient position.
Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
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