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pregnancypillow com logo was created by Jenny Bosco in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States (mother of 5 children). Jenny has a passion for trying to make mom’s lives easier in all that she does and believes that her products will make a difference in yours. Since 2005, Jenny has launched multiple mother & baby product lines.

Her favorite part of the business is designing. She’s had a hand in every fabric print, logo, photoshoot, and image used with any of her brands. Jenny continues to be the visionary for the company’s ambitious future.

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“I had decided that I wanted my babies to be breastfed and after having major setbacks on breastfeeding my firstborn, I was anxious to try again with my second child which turned out more pleasant. BUT, due to lack of sleep, not being educated enough on breastfeeding, and unable to find a decent way to track what side, what time or how long they would breastfeed (my babies were “on demand” feeders) it became frustrating for me. I was not looking forward to breastfeeding my next child until I had a logical solution to some of my breastfeeding problems. One night in January of 2005, my sister-in-law called me very upset with the same issues I had faced while nursing and not wanting her to stop breastfeeding I was determined to come up with something, and the “flip-able” breastfeeding bracelet idea was born! Milk Bands have given moms all around the world the empowerment to breastfeed their babies and do it well and I know that Milk Bands will help you too.” (c) Jenny Bosco

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Product Line

  • Pregnancy Pillows (6 models)
  • Nursing Pillows (9 models)
  • Minky Nursing Pillows (6 models)


  • Phone number: +1 (844) 335-1866 – Mon – Fri: 9:30am to 5:00pm (EST)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

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Pregnancy Pillow™ was created by the mother of 5 children Jenny Bosco in pleasant Grove, Utah. She knows what a woman needs for comfort and improves the company’s products every month.

#1 Pregnancy Pillows of PregnancyPillow.Com

The brand provides 6 positions of pregnancy pillows:

1# White Body Pillow

White Body Pillow

If you want to fall asleep sweetly and forget about the pain, then you definitely need this whole body pillow! It is specially designed to support your stomach and back so that you can hold the pillow between your legs and thus relieve the tension in the back. Its white color will perfectly match your bed linen and complement your interior. The cover is easy to remove and can be washed in the washing machine.

2# Gray Body Pillow

Gray Body Pillow

This pillow is the same as the previous one. Its difference is only in color. If you like the gray color more, then choose this model. Good sleep will allow you to wake up in a good mood. The thing that will help the expectant mother relax her aching muscles can already be ordered right now!

3# Gray Minky Body Pillow

Gray Minky Body Pillow

This model is a little more expensive than the previous ones, but it’s worth the money. The pillow is made of 100% polyester. The fabric is breathable and provides a comfortable sleep for the expectant mother. You will not sweat during sleep. The pillow doesn’t lose its shape no matter how much you use it. It is gray in color and soft to the touch. Your muscles and joints will forget what pain is with this pillow!

4# Blue Minky Body Pillow

Blue Minky Body Pillow

Blue pillow for sleeping and relaxing the full body of a pregnant woman. Sleep is an important part of pregnancy and it isn’t worth saving. This pillow will be a great helper not only during pregnancy but also after it. You can use it as a sideboard for the baby or use it for feeding the baby! Universal pillow for mom and her baby!

5# White Minky Body Pillow

White Minky Body Pillow

If you like the classic color, choose the white model. You will not need much time to remove the cover from the pillow and wash it. Polyester is pleasant to the body and doesn’t cause allergies or irritation. Enjoy sound sleep with a pillow from «Pregnancypillow»

6# Lilac Minky Body Pillow

Lilac Minky Body Pillow


The brand took care of mums and created its products in different colors. This lilac cushion is equal to the word comfort healthy and safe sleep!

#2 Nursing Pillows of PregnancyPillow.Com

The nursing pillow is a simple device that greatly facilitates the life of the expectant and nursing mother. The process of breastfeeding involves the constant presence of the baby in the mother’s arms. In the first months, this is very tiring. What is the use of such a device?

It performs several useful functions:

  • Effectively relieves the muscles of the arms, back, and neck of a nursing mom. Securely fixes the crumb in a convenient position for it. On a soft, warm surface, it will be most comfortable to eat for baby.
  • Preserves the health of a woman’s spine. It provides all the conditions for the correct application of the baby to the breast. It helps you feel comfortable while traveling. This accessory will become indispensable in a car, train, or bus. With its help, the baby will be fed in any conditions.

The main purpose of the nursing pillow is to provide the most comfortable conditions for breastfeeding babies. The brand «Pregancypillow» is engaged in the production of feeding pillows with 9 positions.

1# Dawn Nursing Pillow

Dawn Nursing Pillow


This pillow is specially designed for high- quality and calm feeding of your baby! It has a dark color and a floral print. The combination of colors and print will help calm the baby. He will feel comfortable on such a pillow and enjoy feeding. For a mother, this pillow is salvation. It is made of cotton. A material that will be pleasant to the body and safe for the baby ‘s skin. Say no to irritations and allergies! The pillow filler is 100 % polyester. The pillow was created by my mother and therefore it has everything that a baby and his mother need!

2# Snuggles Nursing Pillow

Snuggles Nursing Pillow

Beautiful and light pillow! It has a cute and funny design that will calm the baby and create a pleasant atmosphere for feeding. Safe material cotton and high- quality filler polyester!

3# Night Owl Nursing Pillow

Night Owl Nursing Pillow

This pillow model is made in classic colors. Black and white color are perfect for feeding a baby. The pillow has a «water lily» print. Safe materials for the baby and his mother!

4# Peaceful Nursing Pillow

Peaceful Nursing Pillow

The name of the pillow speaks for itself. Your child will immediately calm down as soon as you put it on the pillow and you will be able to feed it without problems. The baby will lie comfortably, and you will not feel heavy and your spine will not be loaded. The pillow is made in black and white and has a geometric pattern!

5# Sleepy Nursing Pillow

Sleepy Nursing Pillow

This stylish pillow is perfect for any interior of the children’s room. It has cold shades and will not distract the child from feeding. Cotton is a breathable material that will be comfortable for the child.

6# Dreamy Nursing Pillow

Dreamy Nursing Pillow

This pillow combines modern and design from the past. It has something vintage about it. The color of the pillow is gray and not flashy. What you need for a quiet feeding of a small person!

7# Firefly Nursing Pillow

Firefly Nursing Pillow

This model of the pillow has a livelier and joyful design. Green muted color and butterfly pattern. The creators of the design were inspired by the 20th century. Therefore, this pillow can cause you to associate with housewives who had aprons with similar prints.

8# Serenity Nursing Pillow

Serenity Nursing Pillow

And the inspiration for this print was space. Blue is associated with calmness and peace. Your child will feel good when lying on this pillow. It is soft and created specifically for a good feeding.

9# Starry Night Nursing Pillow

Starry Night Nursing Pillow

The bold print of the starry night. If you like something bright and non- standard, then choose this color of the pillow. Comfort and safety are what is great for describing this pillow!

#3 Minky Nursing Pillows

The latest products of this brand are pillows for feeding, sewn from Minky fabric. Luxurious and silky soft, Minky fabric resembles real mink to the touch. This is a very soft fabric that feels like cashmere. This pillow is available in 6 colors. Such as gray, lilac, yellow, blue, hot pink and pink. The pillows are ultra-light and pleasant. The exterior is made of 100% polyester, and the filler is also polyester. These are comfortable pillows that provide reliability, convenience, and safety for the baby and his mother. Minky is the ultimate fabric for creating baby blankets, cozy robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings, and just about any baby accessory.

1# Gray Minky Nursing Pillow

Gray Minky Nursing Pillow

Soft and smart pillow for nursing your baby. Its feature is in fabric. It is made of Minky. The fabric resembles cashmere. It is an ideal material for creating things for children. The pillow comes in gray and is perfect for both girls and boys.

2# Lilac Minky Nursing Pillow

Lilac Minky Nursing Pillow

The lilac color is as delicate as the fabric itself. This color is just perfect to calm the baby and he could eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

3# Yellow Minky Nursing Pillow

Yellow Minky Nursing Pillow

This pillow resembles a little chicken. The yellow color looks gentle and is perfect for a child’s room. The soft texture of the pillow is pleasant to delicate baby skin.

4# Blue Stars Minky Nursing Pillow

Blue Stars Minky Nursing Pillow

The pillow is made for the boy. The blue color will look perfect in the boy’s room. The pillow has a design of small stars.

5# Hot Pink Minky Nursing Pillow

Hot Pink Minky Nursing Pillow

Explosive color for a restless girl! If your girl is active, then surely this color is what she needs. The color looks juicy and tasty. Just look at it!

6# Pink Hearts Minky Nursing Pillow

Pink Hearts Minky Nursing Pillow

The last pillow for nursing from a soft fabric of Minky is simply created for the girl. The soft pink color will calm your child and your baby will be able to eat well.


Brand «Pregnancy Pillow™» is about quality and safety. It offers you a wide range of products for pregnant women, mothers, and their babies. All products are created with great care and for your benefit. Each product is unique and every woman will find her own. Choose something that resonates in your heart and meets your needs. You won’t make a mistake in any case and will have a good thing!

Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency.
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